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The Moskva River

· 14.01.2009 · Rubric: Nature ·
The Moskva River is a river that flows through the Moscow.


Moscow Metro

· 08.01.2009 · Rubric: Transport ·
The Moscow Metro, also known as "Moskovsky Metropoliten" was opened in 1935.

For today it's the world's second most heavily used rapid-transit system after Tokyo Subway.

McDonalds in Moscow

· 16.12.2008 · Rubric: Food ·
The first McDonalds was opened in 1990 at Pushkin's Square. It was the great event - people stands in line for some hours to visit it.

The second and the third McDonalds in Moscow was opened in 1993

For today there are more than 80 McDonalds in Moscow.


· 25.11.2008 · Rubric: About Blog ·
My name is Alex, it's my personal blog.
I live in Moscow (Russia). In this blog I'll try to tell you about life in Moscow.
I hope it will be interesting for you!
And sorry for my English :)

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